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Sun City Cyclist Mileage Goals

We all cycle for fun, fitness, and fellowship, but some of us like setting and achieving goals as well. In this spirit the club will reward cycling mileage goals for the year.
Here’s how it will work:

1. You set your own mileage goal for the year. Kindly send it to Ellie Notz in December or January.

2. You report monthly progress miles to Ellie by email; she will collect and distribute to all participants the monthly totals for all members and the year to date totals as well, all by email.

3. The “cycling year” will run from December 1st of the current year through November 30th of the next, so that awards can be presented at the Holiday Party.

4. Anyone who achieves their goal will get an award.

5. A mile ridden is a mile towards your goal, unless you are on a mountain bike, two inch tires or larger; then you get two miles for each actual mile ridden. Hybrids, road bikes, tricycles, unicycles, spinning machines, etc. will get one mile credit for one mile ridden. For tandems, the captain and stoker each get credit.

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